Pilates (W.S)

Banner 42632ce6b3faedb95ca6cce94e5ca261dd74f1ee2d1483014aa366423b8937b5 This one-hour class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. We will work on building a solid foundation in the Pilates technique, incorporating the six guiding principles of Pilates:

Concentration –This is the first guiding principle of Pilates. Paying attention to YOUR body will help you to become familiar with what correct movement feels like. Correct alignment and body placement is very important when performing Pilates movements, concentration allows you to form the mind-body connection and integrate proper alignment.

Control – When performing Pilates based movements, we use mind-body connections to control our movements, engaging proper muscles, while actively working to keep others relaxed. Sometimes our previous movement patterns are less than optimal so controlling our muscular responses through focus allows us to create new and more efficient movement patterns.

Centering –All Pilates movement comes from Centering, or using your Powerhouse; the muscles of the buttocks, hips, back and belly, to move yourself through space. Centering is achieved through focus (concentration), control and breathing. Learning to center yourself is a skill applicable to daily life, allowing you harness these muscles for their intended functions.

Flow – Learning new movement patterns can take time, and focus. Once you have been introduced to the proper alignment and movement patterns we work towards flow; moving gracefully through our movements by firing the proper muscles in the proper order. This comes with commitment and practice.

Precision- As you keep working on these principles, your mind and body will begin to come together, creating a balanced body from within, creating precision and efficiency, making each movement seem graceful and effortless.

Breathing- Healthy breathing patterns are the foundation of any movement discipline and will help you strengthen your center, while allowing you to break the cycle of stress. This, in turn, will also aid in calming you. Learning to use our breathing in concert with our movements is part of the mind-body connection, allowing us to bring flow and precision to our work, centering us, and giving us control and concentration. You will feel better, and move better.

Pilates will tone your body, increase your flexibility, and improve your coordination and balance. 

If you are looking to tone your body, increase your flexibility, and improve your coordination and balance, then this is the class for you!