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Joe Floyd
Sequim Gym Member


In 2006 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery to remove my prostate. In December of 2008 I fell off a ladder and severely broke my right leg. After three surgeries and a year of being basically unable to walk, my leg had not healed. This required surgery at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute and another four months of being unable to walk.

During this time with a broken leg, I had not been able to exercise and I had gained weight. Also in January of 2011 my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level became detectable which is called a biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer, which was not good news.


In January of 2011 I became a member of Sequim Gym and began to rebuild the strength I had lost through the almost two years of inactivity that resulted from my broken leg. I also made some other major changes in my life style in an attempt to deal with the biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer. Probably the most important change I made was diet. We stopped eating red meat, dairy products, refined flour products and anything with added sugar - a basic anti cancer diet. I also kept up my workouts at Sequim Gym at least twice weekly, began doing Yoga, started acupuncture and continued doing some "energy work." Then in April of 2012, my PSA went back to being undetectable where it has remained since signaling the end of the biochemical recurrence.

A side effect of my life style changes was a loss of 50 pounds. Another side effect was a general feeling of being healthier and stronger. As time has passed with an undetectable PSA, I have relaxed my diet somewhat and as a result I have gained back some of the weight I lost. I still do not eat red meat and I seldom eat poultry. I do eat cheese now and then and on occasion have bread or pasta with some refined flour. I try to eat a lot of green vegetables and I still try to minimize my sugar intake

I am now 70 years old and my physical fitness goal is to stay healthy, cancer free and active as long as possible. One of my passions is fly fishing and fly fishing on the west end rivers for steelhead and salmon takes a considerable amount of physical stamina, strength and flexibility. I want to be able to continue to do that for a long time and I think about that when my workouts seem hard. I believe that Sequim Gym has been a very important part of my recovery and I intend to continue my workouts at least twice per week.

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Clark Reeves
Sequim Gym Member

EVER GROWING, Sequim Gym continues to keep current with the training trends of the times.

As a long time member, I have always found it the most effective training facility in the city. It is a nice blend of tough built workout regime possibilities, personal training, group classes, and educational venues. With add on benefits of massage therapy, nutrition and healthy living product supplements, Sequim Gym gives me the one stop shopping I want, and I have used it all.

After many years as a runner, I had an injury that forced me to stop for good, which frankly was like loosing an old friend. Thanks to Sequim Gym and my trainers, Kevin Pedrey and Adam Perry, they were able to not only rehab me from the injury, but usher me into more focused weight training activities that I really enjoy, and that fills the big void left from running. I have combined that with the therapeutic massage offered by my trainer/massage therapist Kevin, and it completes the scenario. It is comforting that the same people are involved in the full circle of rehab, rebuild, and rediscovering new work out possibilities. They know me, what I need, and make it happen. Oh yeah, and it's fun.

So, a big thanks to Sequim Gym.


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Kathleen Prince
Member of the Fountain of Youth


Stretching, Core classes or various health topic seminars, you can find me there six days out of seven! It is part of my well being. The gym members (many of us "escapees" from the California "rock and roll") are some of the nicest people I've met while living in Sequim; we have become good friends and WE HAVE FUN! We are truly fortunate to have a community fitness center that offers such a comprehensive selection of work out modalities, and they are presented with great enthusiasm and encouragement. Yes, the staff is remarkable.

Personally, I am extremely grateful for Kevin's intervention several years after my shoulder replacement at UW Medical Center. Through the years I had lost at least 75% of my range of motion due to an early childhood equine accident and another break in the same shoulder in later adulthood due to a ski trauma. During eight weeks of massage, stretching and strengthening appointments, Kevin has been able to help me recover 65 % of my range of motion and reduce pain associated with every move of my left shoulder.

I feel so fortunate that the monthly cost of being able to attend classes and to work out at Sequim Gym on my own schedule is available to women who are still working...even at my age! The classes offered have allowed me to increase my balance and agility, enhance my movement capabilities, improve my flexibility and tone and strengthen those weak muscles! I genuinely look forward to my daily involvement at Sequim Gym; I am a healthier person because of it.

THANK YOU! I am grateful.