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**To the Sequim Community**

It comes with great sadness to inform our community that all classes starting this week will be canceled and we will be closing our doors and terminating all memberships effective 12am September 1st 2017. After careful consideration, we are unable to continue offering services in the same capacity to keep our operation going forward.

As you know, I support all health initiatives in our community and always will. As I have written in the past and expressed in the many conversations to our community, I believe that being healthy is the most important thing and people need to find the way that works best for them! I still believe this and I will continue supporting those initiatives.

Unfortunately, as a small business our expenses are exceeding the revenue. We have been working diligently on maintaining a facility that offers highly professional services in an atmosphere that is comfortable, quaint and friendly. With membership decreasing we are unable to maintain the same level of service our community has come to depend on.

While I believe our services are top quality, we are unable to pay high payroll wages, payroll taxes, federal taxes and our increasing cost to keep our facility open. We have been working towards offering different services in our community, that I WHOLE Heartedly believe in, but the amount of debt and decrease in overall membership has left us unable to continue going forward.

It has been a great honor and experience getting to know this community. I will continue working in this community and bringing great services. At the moment our family will be regrouping and deciding how to move forward.

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported the Sequim Gym and Northwest Massage. It has been an amazingly fun experience to share this part of my journey with you.

Please feel free to reach me directly with questions, comments or feedback.


Kevin Pedrey
[email protected]
We are very sad to hear you are closing. We have enjoyed and benefited from every class we have taken there!
What makes a great work out routine? How do I know I am getting a full, well rounded program that is helping me achieve all my goals?

I believe a new understanding of fitness needs to be established and that we need to stop associating success with how our bodies look.

1. How do we move? Can we move freely in all movement with out pain and with out restriction?

2. Do I get enough Cardio?

3. What Strength Program is right for me and am I doing enough to satisfy this?

4. How do I eat? Are the choices I make healthy and do they support my goals?

When we neglect to think about fitness and its goals in its entirety, we realize that any results that are achieved quickly most likely are never long lasting. Why, because we are in the wrong state of thinking?

If we think about fitness goals only for the sake of how good we look but neglect our movement ability, how long do you think we can actually achieve a long term plan? If we stop being able to move, how will we be able to exercise in the future?

Improvements in a program should be based on:
-- Moving Better
-- Increased Energy
-- Better Sleep
-- Better Mood
-- Increased stamina for moving throughout your day more comfortably
--Increased Strength

If you cant find a program that you feel good about or that you don't enjoy, you will never stick to it.

It is absolutely imperative to have a plan that gives you measurable results. Not just on a scale, but in the other areas of your life. This should be the #1 priority. Looking fit, trim, skinny etc should be the side effect.

A change in thinking can be the difference between trying to get to the finish line versus enjoying the exploration of movement and strength!
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*Please note after our initial first week, orientation for the Alloy Program, including the FMS and fitness testing will be an additional cost. Please call or email us for more details and to reserve your spot!
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Alloy Personal Training uses a specific system to ensure that everyone who participates not only becomes more athletic, but continues to improve better overall functional movement!!

Free FMS Screens and Orientation

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Why do we Get hurt when training? Need more attention and looking for better accountability?
In case you don't know about our boxing program for those with Parkinson's, Stroke, balance issues and other health related issues, this is an incredible program that is offering many people a great way towards a better way of life!

If you know someone who can benefit from this program or would like to learn more, please contact me directly!

We are always looking for volunteers! Please ask if this is something you may be interested in learning about!

Kevin Pedrey