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Kettle Bell Workshop Series

The first of a 4-part series on proper kettle bell mechanics, movement and fitness.Class will be taught by certified kettle bell coach, Kevin Pedrey.

Free to members of Upper Left, 360 Sports, and Sequim Gym. Non-members $50 each, or 4 for $175

Pre-registration is required to attend. Call Lisa Qualls to register, 360-477-6490

Part 1: Swings, deadlift, foundation
Part 2: Cleans
Part 3: Snatch, press
Part 4: Turkish get-up
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Kettle Bell Workshop Series

The first of a 4-part series on proper kettle bell mechanics, movement and fitness.Class will be taught by certified kettle bell coach, Kevin Pedrey.

Free to members of Upper Left, 360 Sports, and Sequim Gym. Non-members $50 each, or 4 for $175

Pre-registration is required to attend. Call Lisa Qualls to register, 360-477-6490

Part 1: Swings, deadlift, foundation
Part 2: Cleans
Part 3: Snatch, press
Part 4: Turkish get-up
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Sequim Gym facility to close its doors starting in September | Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — Sequim Gym will close its doors to the family-owned facility in downtown Sequim permanently.
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**What is next for Kevin and the Sequim Community**

There are experiences in life nothing can prepare you for. This last week has been one of those times. In a very short period of time I felt my life collapsing around me and at the same time, a new opportunity presented itself. I found a path that opened and I know in my heart it is going to align with my goals for this community.

Closing the Sequim Gym has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my professional career. I feel the weight of the community we’ve created and the personal responsibility that I feel to each one of you. I hope you know that no decision I’ve made regarding closing the Sequim Gym has been easy.

My vision has not changed. I believe that a facility that bridges fitness and overall health and wellness is what we need in this community. I’ve met too many who live in pain and struggle with health issues that can be improved through a combination of physical therapy, massage therapy, corrective exercise, foundational strength, mobility work, and a community that supports the health and wellbeing of its members.

I am excited to announce that I will be joining forces in Sequim to continue working towards this vision with like-minded partners. Starting in September, I’ll be working with John and Lisa Qualls at 360 Sports Performance Training, along with a few Physical Therapist's who will be working within our programs to maximize results and safety.

Our vision is to combine our experience to help take anyone, from where they start, and place them on the path to improving their movement quality, fitness, and finding a program that works for their unique needs.

In my perfect world, I'd love to have you all join me as I make this transition. I believe this new model has a place for everyone. I also recognize that for some of you, it may not be what you're looking for. I respect that. I've been working with Art and Erin Green at Anytime Fitness and they have agreed to honor the Sequim Gym pricing to help make that transition easier for those of you looking for a traditional gym model. 360 Sports and Performance has also agreed to offer an introductory rate for those interested in learning about our services.

We're planning an Open House at 360 Sports Performance Training within the next few weeks. We hope you will stop by to see what we're doing!

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your lives for the last two years.

360 Sporting Goods and Sports Performance Training

755 W Washington St
Sequim, WA 98382
PHONE 360-477-6490

Kevin and Holly Pedrey
**To the Sequim Community**

It comes with great sadness to inform our community that all classes starting this week will be canceled and we will be closing our doors and terminating all memberships effective 12am September 1st 2017. After careful consideration, we are unable to continue offering services in the same capacity to keep our operation going forward.

As you know, I support all health initiatives in our community and always will. As I have written in the past and expressed in the many conversations to our community, I believe that being healthy is the most important thing and people need to find the way that works best for them! I still believe this and I will continue supporting those initiatives.

Unfortunately, as a small business our expenses are exceeding the revenue. We have been working diligently on maintaining a facility that offers highly professional services in an atmosphere that is comfortable, quaint and friendly. With membership decreasing we are unable to maintain the same level of service our community has come to depend on.

While I believe our services are top quality, we are unable to pay high payroll wages, payroll taxes, federal taxes and our increasing cost to keep our facility open. We have been working towards offering different services in our community, that I WHOLE Heartedly believe in, but the amount of debt and decrease in overall membership has left us unable to continue going forward.

It has been a great honor and experience getting to know this community. I will continue working in this community and bringing great services. At the moment our family will be regrouping and deciding how to move forward.

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported the Sequim Gym and Northwest Massage. It has been an amazingly fun experience to share this part of my journey with you.

Please feel free to reach me directly with questions, comments or feedback.


Kevin Pedrey
[email protected]
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**An update from the Sequim Gym**

As you know we had to make a VERY tough decision this week. This has not been easy and will continue to cause hardship for our family. In addition, we know how this effects our community and this is something we are deeply feeling.

We have been consumed with our community sharing their sadness, shock and feeling of disbelief. There have been a lot of tears and a lot of grieving. Our family is scrambling to get to our feet and re-group so that we can continue living our lives in the midst of the very rocky future we are about to embrace upon.

We are working with our team to help them find new opportunities. We are reaching out to the community to ask for help to take in the many people who are being displaced from their daily routines.

We are in the final plans of a new facility and a place for me to continue doing what I love. We are working overtime to ensure we continue serving this community.

I can't tell you enough how much it means to my family and I to have so much support, love and total outpouring and admiration from so many of you.

As you may know, if you know me, I am a positive person. I bring forth a strong and positive attitude to show strength and encouragement and to always look at things with a positive approach.

The truth is, we have been through hardship and turmoil and more stress then we could handle. We have a growing family and my love and my support needs to be divided so that I can help those in our community, but most importantly for my amazing and loving family.

My dream has been to offer this community with something special, different with the idea of creating a family. My intention was to bridge the gap of specialty programs that are not offered in our community in a venue such as the Sequim Gym.

At the end of the day, we realized our dreams and it has been amazing. It has been a dream come true in so many ways. I am thankful beyond anything words can express.

I have been holding myself together because quite frankly we don't have a choice. My family is rocked to the core and the disbelief that we are on the brink of total financial collapse because of our devotion to a dream that unfortunately is unable to continue.

We have been very diligent business owners. We have done what we thought was best for us and for our community. We built this facility and we maintained a level of service that way outweighed the monthly fees we were charging. Unfortunately, things change and after very careful review, we realized that in order to continue going forward we would need to make drastic changes and increase our monthly membership fees to cover expenses.

We realized that we could continue to borrow more money, in hopes that we would make it. The reality of the situation grew more real and we were forced to either continue taking a deeper risk in hopes that our future programs and classes would be successful, or make the decision to throw in the towel.

We had a choice at the first of the month to withdraw another months membership dues. We realized we needed to drastically cut our services which would lead to many members feeling they were not getting what they paid for, versus closing our doors at the end of the month.

Of course, this has not been our best financial option for our situation and for the few that have paid in full memberships and other services. The reality is though, we are unable to pay our bills. This will force us into a very difficult position of having to file bankruptcy and we will literally lose everything.

This is a difficult. There is nothing easy about this. I am humbled and open to communicate. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

I ask that you direct all communication to me, in private through a face to face meeting or over the phone, email etc. I don't believe its professional or appropriate to discuss matters in a open platform. Please be respectful to the process.

We are working to announce new plans for us. We will be making this announcement in the next day or two once we have everything in place.

Additionally, for those that take part in our Rock Steady Boxing Program, please know with 100% certainty, we have a new place for you. Our program will be stronger with more individuals involved to continue offering the program you are so devoted to. Please have patience as we get this taken care of!

Thank you to everyone who supports us and thank you again for all your love. Please stop by the gym this week and next as we will be officially closing our doors as of September 1st.

We are going to miss you, but WE ARE NOT YET DONE WITH THIS COMMUNITY!

Kevin and Holly Pedrey
Holly Pedrey
We are very sad to hear you are closing. We have enjoyed and benefited from every class we have taken there!
What makes a great work out routine? How do I know I am getting a full, well rounded program that is helping me achieve all my goals?

I believe a new understanding of fitness needs to be established and that we need to stop associating success with how our bodies look.

1. How do we move? Can we move freely in all movement with out pain and with out restriction?

2. Do I get enough Cardio?

3. What Strength Program is right for me and am I doing enough to satisfy this?

4. How do I eat? Are the choices I make healthy and do they support my goals?

When we neglect to think about fitness and its goals in its entirety, we realize that any results that are achieved quickly most likely are never long lasting. Why, because we are in the wrong state of thinking?

If we think about fitness goals only for the sake of how good we look but neglect our movement ability, how long do you think we can actually achieve a long term plan? If we stop being able to move, how will we be able to exercise in the future?

Improvements in a program should be based on:
-- Moving Better
-- Increased Energy
-- Better Sleep
-- Better Mood
-- Increased stamina for moving throughout your day more comfortably
--Increased Strength

If you cant find a program that you feel good about or that you don't enjoy, you will never stick to it.

It is absolutely imperative to have a plan that gives you measurable results. Not just on a scale, but in the other areas of your life. This should be the #1 priority. Looking fit, trim, skinny etc should be the side effect.

A change in thinking can be the difference between trying to get to the finish line versus enjoying the exploration of movement and strength!
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Schedule a Time for your Free Orientation and FMS Screen

Monday August 14th 6pm

Tuesday August 15th 630am

Wednesday August 16th 6pm

Thursday August 17th 730am

Friday August 18th 915am

Saturday August 19th 945am

*Please note after our initial first week, orientation for the Alloy Program, including the FMS and fitness testing will be an additional cost. Please call or email us for more details and to reserve your spot!
How do you know a fitness program is working for you?

Call 477-8553 or [email protected]