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Here is the actual person who keeps things in line around the gym!
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We will be replacing the floor in the Cardio room tomorrow morning 6-22-17. We will do our best to move things around during the remodel, but we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause!

This remodel should only take 1 day! Thank you for your patience! New Floor will be NICE! :)
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Grand RE-opening and Potluck this Saturday from 12-3pm!

Raffles, Prizes and lots of FREE stuff!

Come learn about the Sequim Gym and the many new exciting programs we will be rolling out in the community!

~Alloy Personal Training and Small Group Training Programs
~Functional Movement Screens
~Ground Force Method
~Form, an Aligned Series with Libby Scofield
~Non-Contact Boxing with Bill Caples

Want to learn to move better, exercise safer and achieve the goals you have been reaching for? Come learn about these exciting new programs we are offering in the community! :)
I've been away from the gym for a while and had a few thoughts about suggestions I'd like to make on the Member Feedback forms the gym provides. Suggested a change for the Workshop room, and when I returned to it last night, there it was - already in place! Thanks for reading my mind.
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We are starting our Tai Chi program with Kevin again next Tuesday. This class will be part of the regular schedule!

We practice the authentic Yang Style Tai Chi short form 34 movements. This is a great form to learn and practice daily.

The goal of Tai Chi is better balance, better strength and an opportunity to learn how to work with Chi.

Tai Chi is a great learning process and requires a commitment to understand and learn how to properly practice. The benefits speak for themselves.

If you have ever been interested in learning authentic Tai Chi, please join us Tuesdays at 3pm at the Sequim Gym! :)
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Grand Opening and Member Appreciation: Starting Next week we are having a RE-Grand Opening for our remodeled space and presentation of our new programs at the Sequim Gym.

Free Programs: We have 2 programs currently that are running for free until the 17th, Non-Contacting Boxing and Form and Aligned Series.

Drawings for Free Stuff: Every time you come to the Gym starting Monday, you will be entered into a drawing for our raffle that we will have on June 17th. Win personal training, massage, 1-3-6 month free membership and more!

Referrals: Want to bring a friend to try the Gym? Bring a Friend who signs up for a year and get a free month!
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Non Contact Boxing Kick Off- Free 2 Weeks Membership

*** Free Trial Memberships for 2 Weeks****

Sequim Gym is announcing the start of our on-going Non- Contact Boxing Fitness Class with Bill Caples. This class will be on-going and offered on a 2 day a week basis. Our First classes will be starting at 530pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and as we expand our membership, we will be adding more in depth training options.

Sequim Gym's No- Contact Fitness Boxing will develop the skills of boxers including agility, Speed, Endurance and Stamina all while staying safe in a NO- Contact friendly envioronment.

Our classes are open to all levels of fitness, however, these classes are designed to push you both in cardio and strength training. Each class will be developed to work your entire body while focusing on the skills needed to learn the basic skills of a boxer.

Are you looking to train for the skills of a boxer but not interested in competing or not wanting to get hurt while training? This class is geared for those looking to get in excellent condition and build the confidence to learning boxing skills.

Our Class is growing in interest and as we build this program we will be offering more of an on-going schedule through out the day. If you are interested in learning more about this fitness boxing class, please contact the Sequim Gym 360-681-2555 or

We are launching this program for FREE For 2 Weeks, starting June 6th at 530PM. Want to learn more, come and join us for this great class! Please call or email for more details! NO Committment needed after two weeks!
Last week our team had Alloy Systems come to our facility to certify our staff to teach and implement a new training program. We are finalizing the program details and will be offering this within the next 1-2 months.

Alloy is a personal training, small group training and group fitness exercise program that is designed for each individual, based on their own functional movement abilities.

As a team we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of the members who come to our facility. We have seen the importance of excellent instruction and keeping people from injuring themselves while taking part in a fitness program.

With our new remodel, we are implementing new programs that will offer members a new experience in fitness programming. We are very excited about sharing this wonderful system with you! :)
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New Classes and Workshops starting today! Come by or call to learn more! :)
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Membership Renewal Opportunity and Updates

Check out all the awesomeness happening at the Sequim Gym!

Come by to learn more about our new programs, new therapist and other great FREE memberships we are offering in June!