StrongFirst Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are some of the most powerful tools for improving your fitness and physique. They combine strength training, mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. As a result, you spend less time working out, yet get extraordinary results.  Kettlebell and bodyweight movements makes workouts challenging, yet flexible enough for individuals of most fitness levels. Programs focus on joint mobility and stability, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscular flexibility, total-body range of motion, and injury prevention.

Sequim Gym is proud to offer StrongFirst Kettlebell instruction. If you are looking for personal instruction on how to properly use the Kettlebell or looking to refine your skills contact us to learn more. 

Why StrongFirst KettleBell instruction: 

StrongFirst’s Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline, has been developing and refining kettlebell curriculum and training methodology for well over a decade. Instructors must prepare physically to meet the demands of the intense training required to become a Kettlebell instructor with StrongFirst. SFG Instructor candidates learn a principle-based kettlebell system and the safe, proper way to use kettlebells and teach kettlebell training to others. SFG Certifications are taught by the most qualified kettlebell instructors on the planet, each hand-selected by Pavel or our Chief SFG Brett Jones. Each candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching.The following six foundational skills are taught and tested at the SFG Level I Certification:
  • Swing
  • Get-up
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Squat
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