Form: Level 3 Body Weight

Form: Level 3 Body Weight

FORM, an Aligned Body Series

Foundational, Observational, Restorative Movement 

A functional body has both yield (flexibility) and strength (force generation), come and create your sustainable body here. This education and skills based series of classes is aimed at increasing functional flexibility, balance, strength and proprioception through alignment, stretching, and strengthening movements. In these mindful movement classes you will gain a new sense of ownership of your body and movements and learn skills to decrease pain, increase self-efficacy and acquire a new sense of control over your body and movement patterns. As you integrate the alignment points and basic skills you will create greater balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. All classes will be floor/mat based and shoe-less, but accommodation can be made to include those who need to work seated and in foot-wear. Learn to Mind your Body! 

Level 3. Bodyweight: This strength and flexibility class will be a more challenging session for people interested in increasing coordination and control in a whole body format. This will be a playful class working with props and body weight to explore a wide variety of movements, drawing on locomotion, yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics to create a strong and flexible body. 


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