Rock Steady Boxing (Gym)

Rock Steady Boxing (Gym)

“Rock Steady Boxing” is a exercise program for those with Parkinson’s Disease. Each 1-hour session will include elements designed to improve mobility, balance, and strength.

• No-Contact Boxing
• Stretching
• Balance and Mobility Training
• Strength Training
• Tai Chi
• ...and many other scientifically proven exercises to help patients with Parkinson’s

The program outline will be designed to quantify and continue
research on the benefits of specific exercises for those with
Parkinson’s. The Sequim Gym will be holding a free introduction
class that will discuss the scope and activities of this exercise
program and the goals they wish to accomplish with this
community program.

Your instructors: 

Marsha Melnick, PT, PhD, and Professor Emerita from the Physical Therapy Graduate Program at UCSF/SFSU and Physical Therapist at Sequim Physical Therapy, will be overseeing the program as Director of Scientific and Therapeutic oversight. Dr. Melnick has over 30 years as a researcher and practitioner in exercise and Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s.

Kevin Pedrey, LMP, CCT, CFT, and owner of Sequim Gym, graduated from Humanaties School of Massage in Pinellas Park, Florida. In addition he is a certified personal trainer through the nationally accredited school at the ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association, Tai Chi instructor, Advanced Level Active Isolated Stretching Specialist and Rock Steady Boxing Coach for the Rock Steady Boxing method. 

Alicia Demetroplois- Alicia is a certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and recently earned a certification in spiritual care for end of life patients. Her daily focus is on providing orthopedic exercise, bodywork, spiritual care, and non-medical care to people so they can transition from this world with peace, grace and dignity. An accomplished speaker, Alicia recently attended The Examined Life Conference, presented by the University of Iowa’s Carver School of Medicine, where she facilitated a workshop on how to write with a little help from your friends. She speaks regularly on a wide range of topics including health and wellness, general fitness, and death and dying.

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